How can I Help?


How can I help?


First thing is to pray!


Pray that your church is praying with you for your city!


Then get the word out about praying for your city!


Support your home church by tithing to your church

If you are lead to give us a love offering, we will use it to pay offset the cost of running this site.


Set up an Excel file of a category (#churches, #cityofficials or a different one) and share it with your church and other Christian churches in your city.


Then send that file to us so we can post it


Build your prayer muscle

and build your relationship with the

Creator of your city.


Just like building your physical muscle, you will build your prayer muscle over time by using it every day.  


Why is everyone praying for the same church?


In the physical world, as in the spiritual world, a stronghold is strong, and it will take many attacks to overcome it. Therefore, it will take many prayers to overcome a spiritual stronghold.


Pray every day, even if is only one prayer.